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Addge Lowest Price Guarantee

To provide 100% peace of mind for our customers when they make their purchases with us, Addge strives to offer the best shopping deals at the lowest prices in Singapore for all our products, complete with the original manufacturer's product warranty.

To ensure our Addge Lowest Price Guarantee is among the best in the world, we strive to keep our Lowest Price Guarantee Program as simple as possible, with minimal terms & conditions and absolutely no hidden clauses.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Just email us any lower prices you see on the same product elsewhere in Singapore within 3 days of your product purchase/order, and we will either refund you the price difference or fully refund your money.
  2. If you have opened the packaging or used the product, we will refund you the price difference.
  3. If you have not opened the packaging or used the product, we will refund you the full money upon returning the product.
  4. If the product has not been shipped out, we will refund you the full money upon cancellation of the product order.
  5. Please allow around 2-3 working days for us to verify the lower price of the other retailer upon our receiving of your email.
  6. All individual products offers by other retailers in Singapore such as normal retail, sales promotions, discount offers are eligible, except for limited number product offers.
  7. Product price will be calculated as the nett price together with any taxes, surcharges or shipping charges payable if bought from the other retailer
  8. Money will be refunded in cheque, bank transfer or Paypal depending on the original transaction mode and refund amount.
  9. For products bundled with complimentary discount vouchers/Addge Points, the Addge Lowest Price Guarantee corresponding Addge Offer Price will be calculated as "the product selling price minus the Cash Value of the discount vouchers/Addge Points".

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries on our Addge Lowest Price Guarantee Program.