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Ette All-Purpose Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Ette All-Purpose Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
This offer: Ette All-Purpose Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
Category: Laptop Accessories, Mobile Phone Accessories, IT
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Normal Price: S$ 3.90
Offer Price: S$ 2.50 (Offer savings = S$ 1.40)
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Want to clean the grease and dirt from the delicate surfaces of your mobile phone, laptop/PC, TV LCD/LED screen, DVDs/CDs, digital camera, etc?

Get the Ette All-Purpose Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth which acts like a magnet and absorb grease and dirt from delicate surfaces safely and quickly!
(Hurry. This price is guaranteed to be the lowest in Singapore and is for a limited quota/time only. While stock last.)

Main features:
i) Ultra Fine Micro Fiber material grab and hold dirt, dust and grime easily, creating a magnet effect
ii) Suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces such as digital camera, camcorder, LCD/LED monitor, mobile phone, laptop/notebook/PC, jewelry, DVDs/CDs, lens surfaces, etc
iii) Chemical free, washable and reuseable
iv) Comes with product warranty

- This item promotion will ends on the 31 Jul 2016 or when sold out, whichever comes first. To avoid disappointment, please place your Addge order early.
- Please note that for "Normal Order", product will be ready for collection or delivery once payment is processed. And for "Pre-Order", a notification email will be sent to you once the shopping deal is activated (No payment will be charged to you if the shopping deal is not activated).