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PS4 Game - NBA Live 14

PS4 Game - NBA Live 14
This offer: PS4 Game - NBA Live 14
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Powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE NBA LIVE 14 delivers the ultimate on court control, combining the art of basketball with the science of next generation technology. bounceTek, fueled by next-gen visual fidelity and up to 8x the processing power, unlocks a revolutionary new, physics-based dribbling system. Players perform more like their real-life counterparts than ever before, informed by 70+ stats and tendencies, updated not monthly, weekly or daily, but after every single NBA game. With fresh content and challenges on a daily basis, NBA LIVE 14 delivers the pulse of the NBA...24/7/365.

Main features:
Four times the texture resolution, high-fidelity animations and next-generation dynamic lighting allow NBA LIVE 14 to showcase every detail of your favorite NBA players, uniforms and arenas. All new Faceposer technology brings each players emotions and mannerisms to life letting you feel the highs and lows of the NBA game.

ii) bounceTek
Revolutionary physics- based dribbling allows for a complete, organic control and authentic responsiveness. Utilize a full suite of dribble moves to unleash ankle-breaking crossovers, hesitations and more.

iii) CourtQ
Leveraging live Synergy Sports Technology data, NBA LIVE 14 is driven by over 70 player ratings, tendencies, and team stats updated after every NBA game, ensuring that your game is always in-sync with the real NBA.

Experience the NBA season as it happens. Take on quick challenges based on each day's most memorable performances in BIG moments, or play your favorite team's schedule right alongside them with real-world performance data in NBA Rewind. Can you replicate the feats of the NBA's biggest stars? Can you shut down your opponent's star player on his hottest night of the year? See where you stack up on each challenge's leaderboard both amongst your friends and against NBA LIVE 14 fans from around the world every day throughout the season.

Experience the perfect combination of NBA LIVE 14 and fantasy basketball, as you build your Ultimate Team of the brightest modern NBA stars and all-time legends. Compete online or take part in Fantasy Showdown challenges to earn coins and purchase new packs of players, uniforms, contracts and more, all while building the best line-ups possible.

vi) RISING STAR MODE (Powered by Under Armour)
Write your own history as the NBA's next great player. Whether you're a scoring point guard or an athletic big man, it's up to you to shape and manage your player's career over 25 seasons in an effort to secure your legacy.

Join Music Curator MICK as he creates an innovative mixtape-style soundtrack that is dynamically mixed and spun as you play. Exclusive tracks will be added throughout the NBA season, allowing fans to discover new music from the hottest up-and-coming artists.

Join the #1 ESPN commentary team as Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy call all the action. Jalen Rose joins the crew as the studio and game host, as well as hosting an exclusive weekly NBA LIVE 14 update discussing all the latest NBA news, roster moves and biggest performances of the week.

Style and trends are always changing, and so is NBA LIVE 14. Throughout the season player shoes, accessories, haircuts, tattoos and more will all be updated to reflect what's hot in the NBA, right now.

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