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Xbox 360 Game - Halo 4

Xbox 360 Game - Halo 4
This offer: Xbox 360 Game - Halo 4
Category: Xbox, IT
Addge StationTM: AR
Normal Price: S$ 69.90
Offer Price: S$ 60.00 (Offer savings = S$ 9.90)
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Status: sold out

After thirty years of war with the Covenant, humanity finally found victory. The Master Chief, a Spartan super-soldier, and Cortana, an AI construct of unmatched technical sophistication, put an end to the Covenant, the Flood, and the threat of the Halo Array on a remote installation known as the Ark. Now, in the wake of the conflict, the Chief and Cortana drift through space aboard the remains of Forward Unto Dawn, slowly approaching a mysterious artificial world they will soon come to call Requiem.

Main features:
i) Comes with original product warranty
ii) Free shipping (within Singapore)

Limited quota available, while stock last.

- This item promotion will ends on the 30 Apr 2015 or when sold out, whichever comes first. To avoid disappointment, please place your Addge order early.
- Please note that for "Normal Order", product will be ready for collection or delivery once payment is processed. And for "Pre-Order", a notification email will be sent to you once the shopping deal is activated (No payment will be charged to you if the shopping deal is not activated).