Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

i) Please note that all products sold by Addge come with the official manufacturers' warranty unless otherwise stated

ii) The typical official manufacturer warranty generally covers all manufacturing defects and issues, excluding damages due to users' negligence and typical usage's wear & tear

iii) If you need help in claiming for product warranty, you can contact us for technical support by filling the contact us form

iv) For products recommended by Addge but not sold by Addge, as the product sales order's terms and conditions is not determined by Addge, our above product warranty terms is thus not applicable and its product warranty terms is fully dictated by the respective third-party retailers that have sold the specific product item(s) to the end-customer


Important Notes

i) Please note that for perishables and lifestyle products sold by Addge, the warranty is for a "new item replacement/1-to-1 product exchange warranty" for the defective product which you can claim within 3 days of purchase