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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (VPN: NSF-00003)

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (VPN: NSF-00003)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (VPN: NSF-00003)
This offer: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (VPN: NSF-00003)
Category: Xbox, IT
Addge StationTM: AR
Normal Price: S$ 75.90
Offer Price: S$ 59.00 (Offer savings = S$ 16.90)
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Status: sold out

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers help you get into the game like never before. Together with up to three friends, you can take complete control of the fun and play anywhere in the room (up to 30 foot range). When the game is on, don't let the wires trip you up.

Main features:
i) 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
ii) Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console
iii) Integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE play
iv) Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
v) New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use
vi) Use the Xbox 360 Guide button to keep track of your friends, access your games and media, or power on and off your Xbox 360 console
vii) Comes with product warranty

- This item promotion will ends on the 30 Nov 2014 or when sold out, whichever comes first. To avoid disappointment, please place your Addge order early.
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